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Where Is Your Life Force?

Blessed Self

Your life force is continually trying to come home to itself. Life is continually on a journey to awaken to itself. Life is intelligence, it is the stuff of the entire Cosmos and, I think it’s pretty safe to say, it knows what it’s doing.

Even in its ignorance of itself there is intelligence.

This is a good foundation to start from. Knowing that you have done nothing wrong, that your life has been exactly as it was meant to be and that your spiritual path, your path toward awakening is tailor-made for you in each and every moment.

Our only problem is we think otherwise. We have ideas and ideals that don’t match how our lives are playing out. There is even intelligence in this. This is the evolutionary impulse in us to grow, to learn, to awaken to the next stage, the next way of living.

So where is your life force? What I call life force is the distinct power of life to move attention and give birth to that which it puts its attention on. For example, most people have a huge percentage of their life force stuck in the thinking mechanism, or what I simply call mind. Life force is like a volume button for attention that we turn up when we engage it. So when life force is stuck in the thinking mechanism, our thoughts are amplified, we literally both live in our thoughts/our heads and the lives that are created from that thinking.

So for today, simply establish where your life force is. What is being amplified in your field of attention? That’s where life wants to go next, where life wants to reclaim itself. Whatever that amplification is, simply notice it first of all.

For example, if thoughts are amplified, notice if there is a pattern or a theme to those thoughts? Contemplate your life situation at the same time and see how the pattern of those thoughts is reflected in that life situation. Now, realise that your life situation has been created from those thoughts, and your life force is the birthing force. So how do we unstick the life force from that particular thinking? We look for the intelligence in the patterning.

Say we are thinking about lack, or financial difficulty, we now move our attention back inside into Being and we use the search light of awareness, to dive deep and see if it can find that template of lack inside. This is where we sit, and sit and sit. In naked honesty. We burn through feelings and impressions of lack that have gathered and influenced the template of our lives. We stay, stay, stay in Being until we are no longer in judgment of that lack but can see how it has both worked for us and against us. We take the time to love it and to hate it, until the knot is unraveled and we reveal the wholeness that we have always been. We see the usefulness of the lack as part of our story to get us to this stage, but now we’re ready to move on from it. Like a travel companion who kept us company for a while, we bid them farewell and blessings… The life force has done its work in amplifying the lack so that we could call it home. We know we have returned it home when it no longer influences our well-being. There may be lack in our lives but it doesn’t disturb us, as we are not identified with it, it is just an experience showing up in the movie. We know our true essence is Being, is wholeness, so we don’t identify with the lack.

So where is your life force? Where is life knocking at your door trying to get back home? Take the time to put together all the wisdom of your seeking thus far into the crucible of Presence. Turn your life force back in on itself and allow it to burn through back to Being, revealing insights, realisations and revelations, freeing you from your story and not binding you to a new iteration of that story.

This post is an excerpt from my book Waking Up To One Self, available as an e-book only on this site. It contains 83 reflections on and pointers to Awakening.