Waking Up To One Self

Waking Up To One Self is a collection of 83 reflections, or contemplations, that were written a year after "I" woke up.

It's Reality that wakes up from the dream of being a character, rather than the character that wakes up - just to be clear!

I wrote every day for 3 months to the people on my mailing list. Then I stopped: as abruptly as the impulse to write arose, the impulse to stop was also abrupt.

I only edited out a few emails, leaving the reader with 83 reflections that act as pointers to that which is always and already here, our True Nature.

Below you can explore excerpts from the book to see if it speaks to you.

The book is only currently available as an ebook from this website, there is no version in print.

Excerpts from Ebook: Waking Up To One Self