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Tend The Garden Within

Blessed Self

When we finally recognise our True Nature beyond the imposter we held ourselves to be.

When all the leaks of life force are sealed.

When we break the habit of looking to the unreal, the maya, for the way forward, for ourSelves…

then can the life force arise freely within.

Nourishing and serving the needs of the organism

and watering the seeds of the garden within the heart. 

Bringing to life, life’s own dormant and hidden gifts.

That uniquely serve all of life.

In its custom-built delivery package.

A truly unique blend of body, mind, wisdom…


So tend only to that which flows within you.

Be ever vigilant to its nudging.

For that is the vitality that you are.

That is the guide of Universes.

The Creator force of all that you see before you.

Go back to the Source.


And tend it well.

This post is an excerpt from my book Waking Up To One Self, available as an e-book only on this site. It contains 83 reflections on and pointers to Awakening.