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Take Refuge In Life

Blessed Self

The Paradigm Shift that is available to us now is to break the habit of trying to figure out how to live our lives.

You see when faced with difficulty, we have deeply ingrained patterns (conditioning) of taking refuge in our thoughts. We hide out in our thinking. We escape feeling an uncomfortable feeling by spending our energy on thinking of a way to by-pass it. We have constructed highly complex personality structures that are, in effect, simply refuge zones for hiding out from life. The more we retreat, the more we reinforce the castle of personhood with new improved booby-traps, new neuroses to guard against unwanted feelings and emotions. We then hang out in our castles yearning for freedom…

To dismantle this castle of personhood, we need to first stop feeding it our life force which has us completely exhausted and, for some of us, old before our time. The thing with “life force” is that it literally gives life to whatever it is fed to. So if you’re feeding your thinking with life force, that thinking becomes your life, your world, and because you are its creator you are then at the mercy of whatever world you have created. Yes, the old idiom of your thoughts create your reality is true in this respect. 

So the biggest shift that needs to happen is that we have to unstick our life force from the thinking mechanism, the mind. The mind was never meant to be in charge of life, it is only a faculty. Life guides life. We’ve given our lives over to a faculty and are now stuck in its limitation. 

How do we unstick the life force from the thinking mechanism? We start by breaking the habit of trying to figure out our lives. We have to simply stop it. Stop trying to think of answers to the question ‘what to do?’ and sink into not knowing. Sink into the body that has been “thunk” its whole life and begin to free it of the effects of our lifetime of resistance to life.

Look at it this way, if you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your life or if you had no clue what to do with your life – THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME THING! They are both just ideas. Neither is based in truth, both have arisen from the mind and both create your world, whichever thought you have. Here’s the crux of the matter: both are based in limitation, because they are based on the known, they have arisen from the known, worse still they have arisen from your conditioning – so you are perpetuating a known world, in other words, more of the same. Whatever you then create from this thinking is another dream world you will more than likely want freedom from when you tire of it.

So why not go straight for freedom and access the eternal well-spring of creativity that is the well of life force itself?

This is what happens when thought stops co-opting the life force, it, the life force, bubbles up through the body, first healing, then freeing the body, all the while bubbling up creativity and inspiration that is tailor-made for you to manifest. We each have a unique seed inside us that is waiting to germinate, this is the seed that germinates when it is given life force. It’s like we are each a unique tree waiting to grow in the world! I’m the “Louise Tree”, you are “[insert your name] tree.” We don’t have to think what that is, it is our natural talent, unburdened by any unworthiness that would have kept it dormant. The beauty of this is there is no thinking about what it might be, there is no thinking about what it might look like. If you truly unstick the life force from the thinking mechanism it will naturally reveal itself and you’ll just have to sit in the uncomfortableness of the Unknown until it does!!!

The beauty of sitting in the uncomfortableness of the Unknown is that it flushes out all the hidden sub-identities and thinking patterns that are just waiting in-line to co-opt the process, to co-opt the life force. This is where you really need to be vigilant. Life comes as an impulse, an intuition, not an idea in the mind. Your actions that come truly from life are not pre-meditated. Pre-meditated action usually serves an agenda, and life has no agenda, only personalities and person-hoods have agendas. 

I wrote a few lines to this effect when I saw this action at work in myself:

My dreams create a dreamer,

so I die to the dreams

and live for each moment 

to see what life has dreamed for me –

through me. 

Life is the true intelligence that runs the entire show, even when we think we are running things. Mind is a faint echo, that throws in its 2 cents worth, that’s always trying to save itself, perpetuate its usefulness. It interprets life’s nudges and impulses, but that faculty of interpretation is only going to serve the structure of defence, in other words the ego-identity. The mind is inherently self-serving, that’s its nature, it only exists to perpetuate itself. Have you paused to notice how fickle mind is? It can side with pros or cons at the flick of a switch… from one moment to the next. 

So which will you bet on? Life or mind?

My suggestion? Put all your bets on life, hand the reins over to life and let yourself off the hook for figuring out something that ‘you’ were never meant to have to figure out. You are a seed ready to be watered and germinate. You are a tree this world so desperately needs. Realise now that you are the cause of and solution to all of your suffering. See how your life force is co-opted by your habitual tendency to think your way through life and make the decision today to elect a new ruler in your kingdom! Burn down the walls of your self-made prison from the inside out with the fire of life.

This post is an excerpt from my book Waking Up To One Self, available as an e-book only on this site. It contains 83 reflections on and pointers to Awakening.