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Tail Wags Dog

Blessed Self

When you think of a tail wagging a dog you instantly get the feeling that something is the wrong way around, or back to front. Unfortunately, most of us live our lives, at least subtle aspects of them, the wrong way around. We do so by making the simple error of taking our cues from the outside world—the world of content and form—rather than from the inside, Being itself, and thus the tail wags the dog.

You see we’ve been guilty of forgetting the truth that our worlds arise from within us. Your world is not a phenomenon independent of your experiencing of it, quantum mechanics has illustrated this. 

So if our world, arises from within us, taking our cues from the content, or the projection, is really getting things back to front. Another way of looking at this is like looking at a movie and telling the characters what to do next. You literally create the movie of your life from the light of Source rising from within, projecting outside what is originating from within.

The tail begins to wag the dog when you anchor your well-Being outside of yourself in your world of content. 

For example, if you fall in love with someone, your emotions then often become inextricably linked to the course the relationship is taking. Or you anchor your well-Being to your bank balance, your health, your work and so on. In each of these scenarios, you have placed Being outside, instead of letting Being rest on its throne within. Once Being rests on its throne within, what arises in the world arises, Being is unaffected, undisturbed and suffering is exchanged for experiencing. One’s sense of Self is not hooked into the play in the world. Yet, if we anchor our Being outside of ourselves, we automatically go into a spin and mis-identify ourselves with the content, forgetting ourSelves. This is the creation of suffering.

Now please pause for a moment. Is there somewhere, some aspect of your life where you have anchored your Being in your external world? It can be, and usually is, a very, very subtle thing. 

Wishing for anything to be other than it actually is, is a subtle resistance to what is and thus is a subtle anchoring of one’s well-Being in that wish, which is in effect a fantasy of the mind.

Of course, there are many layers to this contemplation, for now I wish only to point out the mechanism where many of us lose ourSelves in a simple flip of reality that can leave us spinning in confusion rather than resting in the clarity of Being.

This post is an excerpt from my book Waking Up To One Self, available as an e-book only on this site. It contains 83 reflections on and pointers to Awakening.