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Reality is One. Experience is Infinite

In hindsight, I can say that the biggest barrier to awakening for me was the idea I had about what it actually was.

I had bought into so many sales pitches along the way that I had inadvertently created a pretty solid mind-set of what enlightenment was. Enlightenment had become a concept I was trying to achieve.

Now tell me, how do you achieve a concept?

Yeah, go figure.

Robert Wolfe’s pdf Living Non-Duality, [available on his website for free] had the startling effect of sloughing off so much of this inherited folly. I could literally feel the ice-shelves of conditioning fall off as I read through his words.

Another way of viewing conditioning is like visualising yourself in a thought bubble. The thought bubbles you inhabit are conditionings you have identified with. It’s quite relieving when one begins to experience realisations. Each realisation is felt almost like the bursting of a thought bubble and a sort of ‘falling away’ feeling, followed by a sense of openess and expansion, at least that’s how I’ve experienced them.

Somehow I was ready to take Robert’s words in on a level deeper than just the mental level. His words acted as a chisel, chiseling away at my inherited beliefs and conditioning. His words prepared the field for that final blow which came in the form of Jiddhu Krishnamurti’s words: “the observer is the observed”.

That was the death knell of the identity belief.

Reality woke up from its dream of being Louise. The identity bubble of Louise popped!

Reality is One, is Everything and just also happens to be No-thing at all.

However –

body/minds have infinite experiences and continue to have the possibility of infinite experiences after ‘so called’ awakening.

The only difference is that the belief that they are happening to someone is gone. For all experience is ultimately played out in Reality, experienced by Reality, and yet Reality is untouched, untainted by it all.

The ultimate paradox.

How do you wake up to be the living paradox? Well, perhaps you could check and see if you have any set beliefs of what enlightenment is. What awakening is. Seeing these first frees you up from inhabiting them; because inhabiting those thoughts creates a barrier between you and the Truth. A thought barrier.

At the end of the day all that’s between us and realising the Truth, our True Nature, is simply an idea.

The trick is in finding what idea you are imprisoned within.