The Temerity Sessions


An invitation to join Louise in a loving group session, exploring what’s possible when we unlock the limitation of personhood, one admission at a time. Are you ready to bare your soul?

>> Please note that this is a ‘live’ experiential event and will not be recorded so it is only open to those who can attend. There are no refunds available if you sign up and then miss the call.

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I think it’s fair to say that the castle of personhood is a fairly substantial fortress with many, many rooms. It was created and is repeatedly reinforced, by keeping out what is a threat to it and allowing in what appears to serve its solidification and comfort.

It’s what I often refer to as the “maintenance of a me” or the constant contrivance of some “self-image” or other.

The path of liberation and living a more open, vulnerable life that navigates itself, is truly a path of demolition. And the demolition of which I speak is the demolishing of all those little rooms in our castle of personhood where we take refuge from ‘what is’.

These “rooms” are all the self-images we hide behind.

Having grown up in a Catholic family, the sacrament of confession was all too familiar. Officially, the definition of confession is the ‘disclosure of one’s sins in the sacrament of reconciliation’. Reconciliation can be defined as restoring harmony or making consistent: to reconcile an ideal with reality.

Our created ideals are another way of describing the self-images we maintain. The majority of these self-images are imprinted through the process of enculturation and are more often than not unconsciously at work. They are all outward directed, the mask we wear for cultural approval and acceptance. They are thus a mechanism for getting energy.

Most of us suffer terribly trying to live up to these ideals, all the while suppressing the reality of how we really are. We battle with our weight to get to the “right size”, we fight with the ageing process so that, god forbid, we would ever ‘look our age’. We keep in the closest all our deepest secrets lest the truth of our inner world embarrass and humiliate us.

We navigate life by avoiding uncomfortableness at all costs. And yet uncomfortableness is what growth and transformation feel like.

We want to wake up because we think the perfection we seek will be on the other side of it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that that simply isn’t true. What lies on the other side of waking up is, even more, waking up. Waking up from all the places where we are simply not being our authentic selves. This is, in fact, the embodiment process, flushing out all the false gods, false images we have been living in service to. In service of a self, a personal self.

It’s another way of saying where our programming is still running us.

the temerity sessions Louise Rooney

Confession keeps us real. Confession brings us face to face with our humanity, it’s the ‘open sesame’ of Awareness and the gateway of transformation. It keeps us here, in the moment of what is. It burns off the pretence, the illusion we had unconsciously been playing out. It keeps us out of comparison, out of time, out of the mechanism of ego and pretence.

I want to experiment with this in a group format. To do that I’ve created The Temerity Sessions. An opportunity to show up as you are and confess, admit into your experience, the truth that is arising for you at the moment. It takes courage, audacity, foolhardiness to step up to the plate and bare our souls… but herein lies liberation.

We can’t see past what we’re not yet willing to admit, as the Oracle from The Matrix once said. Not only can’t we see past it, but we wind up seeing with it and as it; our whole world becomes coloured by that which we are unwilling to admit.

Admit can have two meanings, and both are relevant for this exploration:
– To admit something is to allow it in, to make space for it.
– To admit also means to confess a truth.
Therefore by confessing a truth we create space, we allow it in, we allow it to exist and thereby we are no longer separate from it and held limited by it. It dissolves in the wake of Awareness. The unconscious is made conscious, the ice returns to flowing water.

You see what we don’t admit creates the bricks and mortar of our personhood, our castle of isolation.

I invite you to join me for this experiment. Let’s burn down the walls of our conditioning together and meet in faith, in the abyss with no walls and no foundation to fall back on but pure potential itself.

Much love