Resting As Self: One-to-One Session


I invite you to sit with me for a one-hour session. This is an opportunity to orient yourself to One Self, amplify Presence and thus burn through old, outmoded conditioning and mental blocks. This session is particularly helpful for trying times of mental chaos when it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. Orienting oneself like this helps the burn-off of interference and noise and allows clarity to return. Come as you are, discover how you can rest and take refuge in One Self and abide in peace, no matter what the circumstances of your life.

Sessions are done remotely over Skype or Zoom. Sessions are facilitated on weekdays. If you’d like to work with me weekly, long-term, I have a pay what you can afford subscription option.

money back guarantee

If after your first session with Louise you feel it was not of any benefit to you and you wish for the session to be refunded, please email Louise with your reasons and the session will be refunded. This needs to occur within 24hrs of the session, after this time no refunds will be possible.