One-to-One Session


Living your GENIUS is the work of a lifetime.  It’s your character and calling in their most natural, unsophisticated sense. Your authentic self. It’s what activates the deepest sense of joy in your being. A one-hour session with me is time devoted to that inner-most part of you. We work with where you are at both personally and professionally. Our time is spent as a conversation with deep listening, reflection and silence. It’s a deep dive into the well of your being so that you can be replenished and reminded where guidance truly lies. Regular sessions strengthen your ability to know how you lose yourself and more importantly how to find yourself once more. Sessions are done remotely over Skype or Zoom and are facilitated on weekdays.


Sessions can help you:

  • Feel supported
  • Feel heard
  • Gain clarity
  • Dissolve psychological and emotional blocks
  • Get insight into limiting belief systems
  • Understand how conditioning works
  • Get a feel for life beyond the thinking mind
  • Find your place in the world
  • Gain confidence
  • Gain context for what’s happening in your life personally and professionally
  • Discover your next step



Working with me is in no way a substitute for proper medical, psychological or psychiatric care if that is what you need right now. I am not a medical doctor, nor a psychologist. To enter into One to One work with me means you take full responsibility for what shows up and agree to seek the appropriate support if needed. I reserve the right to cancel sessions at any time and refund the appropriate funds (less the number of sessions used and Stripe payment fees) if I deem that you are unsuitable for this kind of work at this time, or if continuing with this work appears to be putting you under undue psychological pressure. I also reserve the right to space out the meetings if it seems you need longer than a week of integration between sessions. This is for your own benefit, our nervous systems are all unique, and we need to honour them in this work. You are fully and solely responsible for the information you provide to me and for your interpretation of my advice and guidance.