Awakening is Real. Awakening is Possible BUT Awakening is Grossly Misunderstood.

Awakening is not some spiritual ideal abstracted from living. It's not the preserve of monks or special people. Some of us were born with a strong impulse towards it. However, that impulse may not necessarily show up as a positive impulse, more often than not it shows itself as a rabid dissatisfaction with life and the world. Or a gnawing question about the purpose of life, or simply 'what's it all about?'

Does this sound like you?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. Given the correct context you can engage with your life in a much more positive and collaborative way and finally feel at ease with who you are, and more at ease with life in general.

In otherwords, you can get on the right side of the impluse, where it becomes a force of transformation rather than one of stress, confusion and even depression.

I invite you to browse through this site, see what you're drawn to. If my writing speaks to you I invite you to consider purchasing my e-book, Waking Up To One Self. And if you would like to work with me, then I would direct you to the Spiritual Awakening page for a very special offering which requires a deep commitment from you—a deep dive into your spiritual impulse. Finally, if you'd like to know a little more about who Louise Rooney is, then head over here.
If you're drawn to contemplative writing then Waking Up To One Self may be of interest to you. It contains 83 reflections written in a very fresh way pointing the reader to that which is always and already here.

The reflections serve as reminders and invitations to:

  • wake up out of the dream of being a person
  • see the beliefs that hold us hostage
  • realise that our lives are lived as conditioned responses until we wake up from the spell of living behind the filter of the conditioned mind.
Svadhyaya literally translates as “self study”, or self contemplation. It is one of the five niyamas (observances) of the Yoga Sutras, arguably one of the most important texts in the Hindu tradition written by Patanjali.

Svadhyaya essentially includes all the activities that lead to a greater understanding of one’s self.

The goal of Svadhyaya is to recognise and realize the One Self, which is called Awakening, Self-Realisation or Enlightenment. We wake up from the dream of being a separate identity that lives in a subject/object world, and realise that we have always been the One Self, which simply misidentified itself with the body/mind.

Continuing the skill of svadhyaya after awakening (post awakening sadhana) leads to deeper levels of embodying the realisation of One Self in your unique expression, your character's actions in the world. The process of "not this, not this" changes to "and this, and this" and you welcome and embrace life as a totality, the true sense of the word 'holy'.

We can train ourselves to reside and operate more and more from the Reality of One Self rather than suffer the story, obsessive thinking and worrying that comes with misidentifying as 'the person life is happening to'.

It takes brutal honesty with ourselves and full responsibility. It takes diligence coupled with a deep longing and Love for Truth. This is Sadhana - spiritual practice. Life is your Sadhana.

This 6-week intensive, which you can undertake from wherever you are in the world, is a virtual bootcamp for those who feel a deep longing and urgency to prioritise their spiritual life and bring their lives into alignment. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

  • How can we re-orient ourselves to see the gift in every moment?
  • How can our lives become a training to accelerate the opportunity to awaken?
  • How do we call back the energy we have invested in our projected world?
  • How do we recognise the patterns and conditioning we're operating from?
  • What does it really mean to love oneself?
  • Learn how some modalities keep the game of separation in play.

awakening, after awakening

Back To Life

Your spiritual path is completely and utterly personalised for YOU. Where is it? It is the very life you are living right now. The life force that is coming back home to you in this moment is presenting itself to you via the situations that you are resisting in your life. Via the churning in your stomach, the aches in your heart. These are all signs of the life force and where it is knocking at that door to get back in. Unfortunately, we ignore this most blessed and treasured of visitors. We turn away to keep looking elsewhere.

Tail Wags Dog

When you think of a tail wagging a dog you instantly get the feeling that something is the wrong way around, or back to front. Unfortunately, most of us live our lives, at least subtle aspects of them, the wrong way around. We do so by making the simple error of taking our cues from the outside world—the world of content and form—rather than from the inside, Being itself, and thus the tail wags the dog.
awakening, life purpose

Take Refuge In Life

You see when faced with difficulty, we have deeply ingrained patterns (conditioning) of taking refuge in our thoughts. We hide out in our thinking. We escape feeling an uncomfortable feeling by spending our energy on thinking of a way to by-pass it. We have constructed highly complex personality structures that are, in effect, simply refuge zones for hiding out from life. The more we retreat, the more we reinforce the castle of personhood with new improved booby-traps, new neuroses to guard against unwanted feelings and emotions. We then hang out in our castles yearning for freedom...

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