Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Training

You are a master at what you do.

That may or may not include digital skills.

With a 1.1 Bachelor's degree in Marketing under my belt, I know a thing or two about marketing. And yet while the spiritual impulse has always been my priority, my marketing and digital skills are what have allowed me to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. Most of my digital skills are self taught supported by professional courses along the way. Most recently I completed training in Social Media marketing which was a real eye-opener to someone who gave up social media many years ago! How about that?!

I'm self employed, I know what it takes to work from home, to juggle everything, to be a master of all the business processes needed to keep things going. I have helped a lot of people over the years get online, have a web presence and face their fear of dealing with technology. I enjoy it!!!

So if you need a partner for a while to help you get up and running, or to refresh what you already have, then let's talk.

Most people are afraid of engaging a marketing consultant because they think the cost would be prohibitive. I think my costs are reasonable. For example: a standard 3 to 4 page website you'd be looking at ballpark €1,000, for Branding/Logo €200 and my hourly rate for training and writing is €50.

I'm most suited to self employed individuals as we're in the same boat and there seems to be greater coherence.

Look why don't you drop me an email and let's see what's possible?