Spiritual Awakening: A Transformative Force

Awakening is not some spiritual ideal abstracted from living. It's not the preserve of monks or "special" people. Some of us were born with a strong impulse towards it. However, that impulse may not necessarily show up as a positive impulse, more often than not it shows itself as a rabid dissatisfaction with life and the world. Or a gnawing question about the purpose of life, or simply 'what's it all about?'

Does this sound like you?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. Given the correct context you can engage with your life in a much more positive and collaborative way and finally feel at ease with who you are, and more at ease with life in general.

In other words, you can get on the right side of the impulse, where it becomes a force of transformation rather than one of stress, confusion and even depression.

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the 2 movements of awakening as life - Louise Rooney

The 2 Movements of Awakening As Life

It is helpful to know what you are not first, the upward path—what Awareness has misidentified as. This frees Awareness. After Self Realisation everything is included on the downward path. Awareness is unafraid of meeting life as it arises, as it is known as itSelf.
the place where eternity meets the horizontal world


Faith: The place where eternity—or vertical being, stillness—meets the horizontal world of becoming, creation, movement. There is no foundation in belief, form or the known. Meeting the world from here is true freedom.
where are you inhabiting an equation

Where Are You Inhabiting An Equation?

It takes great sensitivity and curiosity to notice when you have gotten yourself inadvertently living in some equation or other, and by equation I mean for example, by doing this, this outcome will occur. Aligning with an equation acts like a sluice gate diverting the river of life off into the mental realm.
reality is one experience is infinite

Reality is One. Experience is Infinite

How do you wake up to be the living paradox? Well, perhaps you could check and see if you have any set beliefs of what enlightenment is. What awakening is. Seeing these first frees you up from inhabiting them; because inhabiting those thoughts creates a barrier between you and the Truth. A thought barrier.
Louise Rooney awakening

Seeing Clearly

In the wake of being freed of the cage of identity, a belief cage, is a softening, a relaxation into a more fluid realm of being and connecting. Most, however, are blind to the fact that they live in service of this false construction. But for those with that inner yearning for Truth, those who prioritise it in their lives, ah, then the Truth dazzles gradually and the promise of its superb surprise is truly within our reach.