Digital Marketing For Self-Employed

Get all you need to get up and running with your Online Presence: WordPress Website, Logo, Mailing List, Branding

You are a master at what you do.
That may or may not include digital skills.

Your brand is the personality of your business: its look, feel, tone of voice. In this age, the largest brand platform is your website. Does it adequately reflect who you are and what you do? Maybe you've outgrown it and it needs a makeover to more accurately reflect where you're at now? Or maybe you haven't yet created a website and need help with that? Well, that's where I come in.

With a first class honours degree in Marketing under my belt, I know a thing or two about marketing. Most of my digital skills are self-taught supported by professional courses along the way. Here's a recent website I completed, which is a good example of what I deliver in terms of functionality. (Normally a mailing list sign up is included but this particular client wants to hold off on that for the moment.)

I'm self-employed, I know what it takes to work from home, to juggle everything, to be a master of all the business processes needed to keep things going. I have helped a lot of people over the years to get online, have a web presence and face their fear of dealing with technology. I enjoy it!!!

So if you need a partner for a while to help you get up and running, or to refresh what you already have, then let's talk. I'm also available for long-term partnerships, working with you to translate insights gained into a business that brings who you are to the world.

I'm most suited to self-employed individuals as we're in the same boat and there seems to be greater coherence.

Look why don't you drop me an email using my Contact Form and let's see what's possible? We can chat over Skype to discover where your needs meet my skills.