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About Louise

Louise is devoted to truth and living in service to life. A spiritual seeker for 23 years, the seeking ended January 2016 with a profound realisation and shift of identity when Louise woke up to reality. Although the spiritual search ended, that turning point in 2016 really just marked the beginning of a radical transformation, which continues as an emptying out process allowing for greater transparency of the body/mind to better reflect the truth of reality which is felt as pure love.

Louise offers sessions to sincere spiritual seekers who understand the value inherent in sitting with another being in truth.

She divides her time between doing web and graphic design work, writing, walking the beach and mothering her son Kobe, the light of her life.

What happens in a Session?

Generally, sessions begin with a tuning in to the silent, all pervasive presence of being. From there the session proceeds with an inquiry and acknowledgement of what is present. As sessions are intuitively based, how the session unfolds is entirely unique to each individual and what they are present to. Sessions are a way of bringing the highest teachings to life.

The energy of a session is a support framework and amplifier for presence, insight, dissolution and integration.


Sessions with Louise are in no way a substitute for proper medical, psychological or psychiatric care, if that is what you need. While these sessions can be a support to your life, at whatever stage you are at, they are best suited to mature spiritual seekers that have seen through many distractions on the path and are now ready to fully embrace awakening, and the emptying out process.